Friday, August 6, 2010

f2m - the boy within by Hazel Edwards

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Reading f²m has given me a much broader understanding of the trans-sexual way of life. Therefore, my review will be based on this fresh insight.

f ²m is a superbly written and well researched record of the issues surrounding trans-sexuality and gender reassignment. Some sections of the book are highly academic in tone. Nevertheless, the book presents an unbiased and easily read fiction story that contains a wealth of information for people who have limited understanding of gender reassignment and trans-sexuality. It is a good starting point to learn more about trans-sexuality and its impact on society today.

There are numerous differences in the human race, spanning a broad spectrum of religions, sexuality, intellect, colour and culture etc. A greater understanding of what it truly means to be a human being is an essential ingredient to acceptance of people, whose values and way of life may vary from what we perceive as “normal”.

After researching trans-sexuality and gender reassignment, I am very impressed with the easily accessible selection of books and information available to readers who have little or no understanding, or may be misinformed about this special group of people. It is expedient for the public to be made aware, that a holistic collection of resources are available on this subject, on the Net, in bookstores and in their local library.

Since immigrating to Australia, Hazel Edwards, co-author of f²m is the first Australian author I have studied in depth. I met Hazel Edwards at the Athenaeum Library in Melbourne’s CBD and she kindly autographed my copy of f²m. I feel privileged to have met Hazel Edwards, who in my opinion is a brilliant author able to present her material in easy to understand language, yet with great finesse. I particularly appreciated her writing style and use of words, as English is my second language. I was personally impacted by her unbiased and broadminded respect for people who undergo gender reassignment. Consequently, I have realised the importance of the public at large being made aware that much of what they have been taught about trans-sexuality and gender reassignment is nothing more than a myth.

---- Reviewed by Mitra, Guest

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